Monday, August 13, 2007


Today, August 13th is the day that lefties celebrate their oddity, uh I mean uniqueness. So in honor of the day, here are some lefty trivia for you to enjoy.
  • Sinistrophobia is the fear of left-handedness.
  • While many people are left handed, very few are 100% left handed. For example, many Left handers golf and bat right handed. On the other hand, there is a high percentage of righties who are 100% right-handed.
  • Lefties are also called "southpaws". The term was coined in baseball to describe a left handed pitcher.
  • Tuesdays are Lefties luck day.
  • Only about 10% of the population is left handed.
  • During the 1600's people, thought left handers were witches and warlocks.
  • International Left Hander's Day was first celebrated on August 13, 1976. It was started by Lefthander's International.
  • They say everyone was born right handed, and only the greatest overcome it. (he,he,he)
  • It is believed that all polar bears are left handed.
  • There is a rumor that octopuses have but one right hand. Scientists are diligently studying this issue.


a mindless zombie said...

Geez....I don't know what to say....thanks I guess.

a mindless zombie said...

Here is a question and answer through Yahoo. The question is what is the percentage of lefties to righties?

The response:

Last time I looked, 11% of the population in the United States is Left-handed. Someone told me they think it has gone down to 8%. The majority of geniuses and artists are left-handed.

Here is an old saw with a new twist.

The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body.
The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body.
Left-handed people are in their right mind.
Right-handed people are in what's left of theirs.