Friday, October 31, 2008

What Are Bioflavonoids?

Bioflavonoids are flavonoids from a biological source. Hence the "bio". Anyway, they are the same thing.

So, what are flavonoids? They are antioxidants. And antioxidants are good. You hear about it all the time. They are found in foods like dark chocolate, coffee, and other stuff. Bioflavonoids are found in a variety of foods as well and have a lot of benefits. Such as helping the body fight against allergens (things that cause allergies), viruses (things that make you sick), and carcinogens (things that cause cancer).

Friday, May 16, 2008

My LASIK Story

Ten days ago I had LASIK. I really wish I can say that it was the best thing I've ever done and why didn't I do it sooner, but I can't. First of all, the doctor was a disappointment. He's supposed to be one of the best out there so I was expecting a whole lot more. The thing is, I never even met the guy. Not really anyways. I did not get to meet him prior to the actual surgery, which I thought was strange. I mean for something as major as eye surgery you'd think he'll at least take a look at my eyes first. Anyways, so by the time I was brought in to the surgery room I was drugged up on Valium and Xanax, plus I had my glasses off. Basically, I did not see him. I heard a male voice say "hi" and I assumed it was him, but it could have been anyone. So without warning the procedure started. Pretty soon I yelled that my eye really hurt. And the quack of a doctor insults my Asian heritage by calling my eyes "small" and then tells me I may feel some pressure. Well, it was certainly more than pressure. The next morning my eyes were so bloodshot I looked freaky. I went in that day for the day after check up and they said that it will take 2 weeks for the redness to go away. So for the past week and a half I've looked terrifying. I've had little kids coming up to me and asking me why my eyes are all bloody. It's gotten a lot better but my vision still sucks. My vision is hazy and I can't really see in dimly lit places. Supposedly, it could take six months before my eyes fully heal. Six months seem like an awfully long time to wait. Now the best part is this. I went yesterday for my one week checkup and they had moved without telling me. The door was locked. It was dark inside. The sign on the door was gone. So I called the number on the business card and got forwarded to their other office in Las Vegas. The lady told me that they are relocating and someone should have given me a call. Well, I got no such phone call and when I made my appt last week no one told me that they were going to move. What kind of office moves on such short notice?!! Something is not right here. I hope they actually do call me next week like the lady in Vegas said they would because my eye is still red and I still can't see!

Oh, and the question of the day is: I paid an extra $1000 for custom LASIK as opposed to traditional LASIK. Is there any proof that I actually got custom? How will I ever know?


I purchased 2008's Entertainment Book at $9.99 with $2.49 shipping. So it's a better deal than I got last year.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Progress! I Guess...

At least she didn't poop in her diaper and she pooped in the bathroom this time. Almost in the toilet too! So close and yet so far.

This reminds me, we are NEVER getting a dog. Picking up squishy poop is so nasty.